25x'25 Seeks to Extend SJVCEO Success to Virginia!

A joint effort between the 25x'25 Alliance and California's San Joaquin Valley Clean Energy Organization (SJVCEO) to encourage renewable energy use and development in the San Joaquin Valley may engender a similar effort in Virginia. The SJVCEO was created last year to lead a regional effort to develop, plan and implement energy efficiencies and clean energy. The 25x'25 Alliance and SJVCEO entered into an agreement in August, 2007, to work together to make the San Joaquin Valley a regional "demonstration project" for the achievement of the goals of the 25x'25 initiative. The San Joaquin Valley is recognized worldwide as an agricultural powerhouse and is one of the fastest growing regions in the nation. State 25x'25 Activities Coordinator Brent Bailey, who is bringing California and Virginia clean energy advocates together, says Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, which extends along Virginia's western border and encompasses seven counties, including five of the state's largest agricultural producers, is well-suited to serve as a demonstration project for the development and deployment of clean, renewable energy. He cites the area's potential for biodiesel production, the capture of landfill methane for energy, an accommodating transportation and business infrastructure, and government, academic and corporate support for a renewable energy development.

The leaders of the SJVCEO and the Shenandoah Valley project are exploring partnership opportunities that will create more federal support to accelerate the implementation of projects in each area. Each project area has its own set of unique characteristics that lend to the potential development of a wide array of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that can be the focus of a "coast to coast" demonstration of technologies and applications. "While specific objectives and outcomes may differ, the 25x'25 energy vision has provided the common link for collaboration for these two projects," Bailey said.