Cities and counties march toward energy efficiency

Members of the San Joaquin Valley Clean Energy Partnership expect to begin work on energy efficiency retrofits provided by grants through the California Energy Commission in the coming weeks. The CEC is expected to approve Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant allocations early next month. The SJVCEO helped find retrofit opportunities and is working with the jurisdictions and Air District to get the allocations awarded.

The following is a list of projects from selected San Joaquin Valley Clean Energy Partnership cities:

Will receive lighting retrofits at its Police Department, Community Senior Center, City Hall and Corp Yard. Older T12 lights will receive new electronic ballasts and more energy efficient T8 lighting. This means a switch to skinnier bulbs with less wattage and similar light output. The buildings will also receive motion sensors. The Police Department will receive a new 5-ton AC unit and the city will get new LED traffic signal bulbs and street lights.

Orange Cove
Will receive two pump retrofits for the waste water treatment plant, one a variable frequency drive, the other a premium efficiency motor.

Will receive AC units for City Hall and the Police Department and tankless water heaters, energy efficient windows, a new vending machine motor, a cool roof and variable frequency drives for the waste water treatment plants.
Photo: Hughson Police Department, Thom Clark