L.A. surcharge to pay for renewable energy

California's largest city is taking steps toward moving away from coal power and embracing renewables.

Directors of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power agreed to boost customers' power bills, despite the objection of some business groups. The goal is to obtain 20% of its power needs from clean energy sources such as solar and wind.

Some businesses objected because a surcharge would add to their costs, they said. Residential bills could increase up to 28.4%, The Los Angeles Times reported, citing information from the mayor's office. Likewise, businesses could see increases of 21% to 22% after the increases are in place.

The City Council has must now decide it it wants to review the Department of Water and Power vote.

Coal comprises about 44% of the agency's power portfolio, and is considered a large polluter.

If this stands, I wonder if Los Angeles will become a model for other cities.