Pew Center: Corporations embrace energy efficiency

Business leaders' changing perception of energy and climate change has resulted in a launch of aggressive energy efficiency policies, says a new Pew Center report.

The report, "From Shop Floor to Top Floor: Best Business Practices in Energy Efficiency," said there's growing support in the board room for action on energy and environmental issues.

"Energy efficiency has emerged as a key component of these commitments," said William R. Prindle, vice president of ICF International and author of the report. "Leading firms that give greater attention to energy efficiency report billions of dollars in savings and millions of tons of avoided greenhouse gas emissions."

The report, which was paid for by Toyota, includes case studies of six companies: The Dow Chemical Co., United Technologies Corp., IBM, Toyota, PepsiCo and Best Buy. The research resulted also in a series of workshops on energy efficiency and additional research on corporate energy issues. got this quote from Pew Center President Eileen Clausen: "In our view, a paradigm shift is occurring in the way corporations view and manage energy. Price volatility and climate concerns are forcing companies to think more strategically than ever about energy use."