Biofuel-powered jets?

Maybe that jet I flew home on yesterday will someday be powered by biofuel. Wouldn't that be something.

Several companies are working on biomass-to-liquid technology. The main drawback appears to be cost higher cost, but some airlines have flown flights using hydroprocessing of animal fats, plant and waste grease.

Virgin Atlantic became the first commercial airline to oversee a flight partly powered by biofuels, it used a 25% blend of biofuels in one of its engines that included hydroprocessed coconut oil and babassu oil.

In the last year, KLM, Air New Zealand, Qatar Airways, Continental Airlines, and Japan Airlines have also completed flights using biofuels like jatropha, algae, and camelina. Check out this report from Greentech Media.

Maybe it's a precursor of what's to come.