Dow Jones plans major solar project

Dow Jones & Co. plans to construct what is believed to be one of the nation's largest solar installations on a single site at its 200-acre corporate office campus in New Jersey.

The design calls for more than 13,000 solar panels covering nearly 230,000 square feet of parking space on Dow Jones’s Bernard Kilgore campus in South Brunswick. The 4.1 megawatt system is expected to produce the equivalent of 5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, energy to power the servers and computers that support the global operations of Dow Jones.

About 2,000 people work there.

At peak performance, the solar installation will be capable of supplying half the site’s energy needs. Over the course of the year, accounting for the hours when the sun isn’t bright or not shining at all, the system will supply nearly 15% of the campus’energy needs.

The South Brunswick campus includes elements of nearly every Dow Jones operation - from corporate to sales and marketing to news. Major departments at the location include technology, product development, human resources, finance, facilities and legal.