Investment signals development of solar AC units

San Jose-based Chromasun intends to jump-start its development and marketing of a solar-powered air conditioning system with a $3 million investment, officials said today.

The money comes from Danish investor VKR Holding, GoGreen Capital and two unnamed U.S. investors, the company said.

“This is a world-class investment team that will provide Chromasun and its MCT product with significant support for our worldwide expansion plans,” said Chromasun CEO Peter Le Lievre in a statement.

The concept would provide an interesting clean energy alternative, especially during scorching San Joaquin Valley summers.

The rooftop system "collects heat from the sun with reflectors and transfers it into a fluid, similar to the process that large-scale solar thermal systems in the desert use," writes Michael Kanellos of "But instead of using the heat to make steam and turn a turbine, the heat is pumped into a double-effect chiller that, through a series of phase-change reactions and heat exchanges, results in cold air."