More energy-efficient water heaters on the way

Consumers could cut greenhouse gas emissions by following new regulations for water heaters sent down by the Obama administration.

The monetary savings won't be much tons in energy costs, but carbon dioxide emissions will be cut by 164 million metric tons over 30 years, or the same as eliminating 46 million cars for one year, The New York Times reports.

The water heater standards take effect in 2015 while manufacturers must meet new standards for pool heaters and direct heating equipment in 2013.

The new standards would require the use of heat pump electric water heaters and condensing gas water heaters, according to energy efficiency experts. A trade group,
Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute, says the new technology is too expensive and not ready for prime time.

Anyway, here's the New York Times story and a link to the SJVCEO Facebook page.
Existing water heater photo by CPSC.