Poll: Latinos more green conscious

Hispanic voters may be going green.

A poll released today by the National Latino Coalition on Climate Change says a majority of Latinos in Colorado, Florida and Nevada "consider climate change a serious problem that demands immediate action by Congress." The poll also said they believe going green will bring jobs.

Here are the numbers: In Florida 80 percent said they are more likely to vote for a U.S. Senate candidate who supports proposals for fighting global warming. In Nevada, the number was 67 percent and in Colorado 58 percent

“The data is clear,” said Rafael Fantauzzi, coalition chairman, in a statement. “In these three states, Latinos care about global warming – and they vote.”

No reference was made regarding California.

"Clean energy jobs offer a path to renewed economic growth, especially for Latino communities," said Rep. Ben Ray Luján, D-N.M., in a piece on the Huffington Post. "An independent, nonpartisan study showed that the American Clean Energy and Security Act - the clean energy and climate plan that passed the House last summer with my support - would help create 11,000 jobs in New Mexico and more than 1.7 million nationwide."

The poll also said about three out of four Latino voters in Florida and Nevada and about two out of three voters in Colorado, consider global warming very or somewhat serious. Three out of four Latino voters in each state say Congress should take action now.

It also said that by about three to one, Latino voters in these states say switching to a clean energy economy will mean more U.S. jobs, while more than eight of 10 voters in each state reject the idea that fighting global warming will hurt the American economy.