Vampire power targeted by manufacturer

Vampire power.


Actually, this is serious stuff and wastes huge amounts of energy in most homes across the globe. Belkin International Inc. sees profit in helping people corral kilowatts, unveiling four more products under its Conserve line.

The move makes sense to Belkin, which commissioned a December 2009 survey by Horizon Research that showed 81 percent of respondents indicated they would “make sure to reduce their household use of electricity that month if they noticed that their electricity bill was too high the previous month.”

Belkin also said in a release:

  • The average cost of energy wasted from home electronic entertainment devices left on but not in use is $76 per year.

  • 1.2 billion metric tons of CO2 is produced to generate electricity for one year of residential use in the U.S.

  • 100 billion kilowatt hours of electricity are consumed in the U.S. for standby power.'s Jeff St. John writes: "Three of (Belkin's new products) — a power strip, mobile device-charging station and wall socket timer that help save on standby or wasted power — look a lot like the existing Conserve power strip and surge protector for offices.

"The fourth device, the Conserve Insight monitor, is a bit more interesting. For $29.99, the Insight lets you measure power use by watts, dollars and cents and carbon footprint from any appliance or device that plugs into a wall socket."


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