The State of the Blog: Blog-cation?

Ha! We wish!  Sadly our blog-cation (vacation from the blog) had nothing to do with sandy beaches or warm water or boat drinks (although I have been listening to my fair share of Jimmy Buffett, but that's totally normal).

No, our blog-cation was a result of two of us being taken down by sinus colds and the third's child being ill.

Rest assured, we are back! Dee's Money Monday post will be out soon, and the rest of week will be on the schedule be promised in our first State of the Blog.  Thank you for being patient, and for staying with us for the last two weeks while we were checked out--I promise, no more blog-cations and plenty of great new content--and if I can make it work, more Lionel Richie videos. Actually, I think this is as good an opportunity as any...

photo credit: esther** via photopin cc