Keeping Up With the Joneses

I wonder what life would be like if friends’ Facebook statuses looked less like ‘OMG Little Timmy used the potty for the first time today!’ and more like ‘Heck yes! Saved a few bucks this month by swapping out some light bulbs!’? One can dream, right? {Courtney Kalashian, I see you smiling.} Well, for those who choose to opt for a little friendly competition while tracking their own home energy usage this is a real possibility according to this article.  A company called Opower uses behavioral psychology tactics with its software in order to encourage energy efficiency. We all likely know what we could and should be doing to save energy, but let’s get real, that twenty minute steamy shower is much better than a quick three minute rinse in arctic cold water. But wait, what’s that? Your BFF is saving how much per month on her utility bill and that adds up to how much per year? ‘OMG she’s like totally going to think she’s better than me. I can do better than that!’ Nothing like a little peer pressure.

Opower works with utility companies to automatically pull your energy usage data so that you can see where you stand in relation to your friends, similar homes, and efficient homes. It also provides energy saving tips so you can reach those savings goals. You can sign up using your Facebook account by visiting Opower’s site here. For my competitive and curious friends who have PG&E they are a participating utility. Who’s in?