Stay Up to Date: December Update

Our SJVCEO team has been pretty busy over the past few months with many things coming to an end as well as ramping up for the coming year. We are all very excited here at SJVCEO for what 2015 has in store.

                During the month of November our team was spread throughout California to attend our utility partner planning meetings. While attending these meetings staff learned about what each utility has in store for the coming year. No matter which utility meeting our staff attended we all walked away invigorated for another year of helping others on energy efficiency projects.

                One great opportunity that SJVCEO has coming up in 2015 is bringing on two to three interns from CivicSpark. The CivicSpark program is a group of individuals in a national service volunteer program to help local governments reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions. These interns will be working very closely with our staff to benchmark municipal buildings in the San Joaquin Valley. We are all excited to see what this new opportunity with CivicSpark will bring.

                Lastly, SJVCEO as well as the VIEW partnership will be receiving a website face lift. Don’t worry your bookmarked pages will still work as the new websites will be under the same domain names. We thought it was time to fix up the websites to stay current with those of our partners. We hope that when they are debuted that you will like them as much as our staff does.

Make sure to stay up to date with what SJVCEO is up to. We hope to make 2015 one of our most successful years!