Statewide LG EE Best Practices: Weekly Update

For those of you who know who Joseph Oldham is you likely are on his email distribution list and receive this update each week.  We are grateful that Joseph has agreed to allow our little blog to re-post his weekly update.  If you have an interest in the happenings of energy efficiency and local government throughout California this is the update for you! If you love the information here, but want more in depth features be sure to check out Joseph's quarterly newsletter, CURRENTS.  

1.  Envelope Air Sealing Fact Sheet Available
     Energy Efficiency Fact Sheets
     Envelope Air Sealing
     2013 California Energy Efficiency Building Standards
     For more information:
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2.     Strategic Plan Technical Consultant

The CPUC has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Technical Consultant for the Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan.  The consultant will assist Energy Division staff in tasks related to the 2015 update of the Strategic Plan. This RFP is soliciting proposals from interested parties for an individual Consultant who has primary expertise in the areas of energy efficiency strategic plan development. The RPF can be accessed through this link:

3.   Title 24 Tool - Updated 2013 Reference Ace Released
The California Statewide Codes & Standards Program is pleased to announce the launch of the updated 2013 version of its Reference Ace™ tool designed to help users navigate the Title 24, Part 6 Standards documents. As before, key word search capabilities along with hyperlinks allow you to jump directly to related sections to make using the Standards documents easier.    

This new version links the relevant sections of the Building Energy Efficiency Standards, the Residential and Nonresidential Compliance Manuals, and the Reference Appendices. A version also including the Alternative Calculation Method Reference Manuals is under development.   

 Both the 2013 and 2008 versions of the Reference Ace are available online or via download on .

4.     2013 Low-Rise Residential Mandatory Measures Summary Now Available!

The California Energy Commission has developed the 2013 Low-Rise Residential Mandatory Measures Summary (Mandatory Measures Summary).  The Mandatory Measures Summary is a tool designed to help quickly identify the mandatory measures at the design phase of low-rise residential projects.  This tool is not a compliance document and therefore is not required to be registered with an approved HERS provider data registry.  Designers may incorporate this document onto building plans to specify the mandatory measures.  The Mandatory Measures Summary is available at:

Help With the 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards

For assistance with understanding or locating information in the 2013 Energy Standards, contact the Energy Standards Hotline at: (800) 772-3300 (toll-free in California); (916) 654-5106 (outside California); or via email at

For more information:
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