Stay Up to Date with SJVCEO: January Update

First off, happy 2015 to all of our partners and followers! The SJVCEO team is excited to see what the new year brings for our organization.

Our project analysts that work with the VIEW Partnership have been working away on ACCESS VIEW! which is previewed in the picture to the right. This project will be the VIEW Partnerships main database for partner energy usage information. City/County partners will be able to log in and access all city energy usage information in real time thanks to SEED (Standard Energy Efficiency Data Platform). This database will help city/county partners to see where their energy is being used and where there is room to improve.View is also looking into incorporating building energy codes for future energy projects. ACCESS VIEW! will be making its debut at the VIEW partnerships monthly partners meeting in February. We all cannot wait to see the finished product! Our project analysts have also been working very hard on data exchange hiccups within ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager for our partnering jurisdictions. The Partnership works hard to ensure that we have comprehensive data to better assist our partners in their pursuit of energy efficiency.

The Partnership is also marching ahead when it comes to marketing and outreach. We are out in the communities that we partner with to promote our Kill-A-Watt Krackdown. The Krackdown is a fun and friendly competition designed to save businesses on their operating costs. We are challenging small and medium sized commercial businesses to make measurable and lasting changes in the way they consume energy and improve their operating costs. We hope to have great participation in this energy challenge and crown more energy leaders in our community.If you or your business may be interested click here for more information.

Our project analyst that works with Pacific Gas and Electric on our MUNI grant has been off to a great start in the beginning of 2015 and is a quote on quote benchmarking fool! We are only a few buildings away from completing benchmarking for the City of Reedley and the City of San Joaquin. Once those are completed we will be able to sit down with each City and let them know how their buildings are doing.Our analyst will also be meeting with the City of Fowler and the City of Kingsburg to go over a few building characteristics before going into benchmarking. One fun tidbit that we have learned while going through the benchmarking process is some benchmarking efforts require an understanding of the Public Land Survey System, a method of locating property often used by real estate professionals and land surveyors! Fun fact: SJVCEO's office is located at S15 T13S R20E!

Stay tuned for next months update!