Stay Up to Date with SJVCEO: February Update

SJVCEO is moving right along with steam for the month of February. We continue to work with our local government partners on energy upgrades as well as businesses with our energy efficiency energy challenge.

During the month of February SJVCEO launched our Municipal Energy Tune Up (METU) program which works with Fresno, Kern and Madera Counties.  METU will bring energy benchmarking services as well as municipal readiness plans for municipalities within the outlined jurisdictions. This program will collect measureable information from municipal buildings to show energy consumption as well as track energy changes and GHG emissions. Once energy data is collected and analyzed, local governments will be able to set priorities and targets for energy efficiency goals. Our team will also assist municipal staff throughout the life span of projects to make sure that projects are completed to satisfaction. Our staff will be working with two CivicSpark members Zenia Montero and Tommy Ta to speed our projects along. CivicSpark is a new statewide Governor’s Initiative for AmeriCorps, led by the Local Government Commission in partnership with the State of California along with a network of regional organizations to combat the effects of climate change by mobilizing 48 AmeriCorps Members annually to implement innovative local climate change projects in communities across the state.

We are also happy to continue to promote the VIEW Partnerships energy challenge, Kill-A-Watt Krackdown.  The Partnership is making meaningful connections with local business owners to help them improve their bottom line and save energy. We are currently working on setting up informational meetings with local chambers and small business associations. Keep an eye out for promotional information! If you are interested and or have any questions about the energy challenge please contact the VIEW Partnership.

As we continue to be a part of the Electric Vehicle Partnership we are happy to announce that we have updated information on our Facebook group as well as our Linkedin group. If are interested in what the partnership has going on stayed tuned to both pages for information as well as resources.

Stay tuned for next months update!