Statewide LG EE Best Practices: Weekly Update

For those of you who know who Joseph Oldham is you likely are on his email distribution list and receive this update each week.  We are grateful that Joseph has agreed to allow our little blog to re-post his weekly update.  If you have an interest in the happenings of energy efficiency and local government throughout California this is the update for you! If you love the information here, but want more in depth features be sure to check out Joseph's quarterly newsletter, CURRENTS.

1. Tesla Unveils Powerall Energy Storage System for Homes and Businesses

For those that missed the announcement last night from Elon Musk, here is an article from Forbes Magazine that provides the details:

2.  One Man’s Experience with Engaging Building Operators

Good article about how to engage facility operators when deploying energy upgrades.  Often, these folks are overlooked in the building retrofit process, but they are key to making the project work.  

3.   California Statewide PACE Symposium-May 28-29, in Los Angeles

The California Statewide PACE Symposium will be held in Los Angeles this year on May 28 and 29.  To get more details, go to this link: .

And that is all for this week!