Statewide LG EE Best Practices: Weekly Update

For those of you who know who Joseph Oldham is you likely are on his email distribution list and receive this update each week.  We are grateful that Joseph has agreed to allow our little blog to re-post his weekly update.  If you have an interest in the happenings of energy efficiency and local government throughout California this is the update for you! If you love the information here, but want more in depth features be sure to check out Joseph's quarterly newsletter, CURRENTS.

1. WaterSaver idea exchange

In April, responding to the continuing drought, Governor Brown announced a series of actions to reduce water use, including the creation of a water appliance rebate program and funding innovative water-energy saving technologies. The Energy Commission has set up a WaterSaver idea exchange docket to record water-energy saving suggestions and to provide a networking opportunity.

Note: the WaterSaver idea exchange docket is for information only and encompasses both Energy Commission programs-the Water Appliance Rebate program and the Water Energy Technology program

For more information:
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2. Demand for Tesla Powerwall Energy Storage Exceeds Expectations

Last week I provided a link to an article in Forbes magazine about Tesla’s announcement of their new Powerwall residential energy storage technology.  Following that announcement, I had several conversations with energy stakeholders questioning the market demand for residential energy storage.  This article in Forbes a week later seems to answer those questions.  To read the article, go here :   

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