SJVCEO Loves Being Out in the Community

Over the last two months SJVCEO and the VIEW Partnership have been out in our hard to reach communities within Tulare and Kings Counties spreading the word of energy efficiency. The Partnership was able to work with our energy champion partners as well as utility partners, PG&E, SCE and SCG, in the cities and counties to bring communities together for an evening of fun and education.
The VIEW Partnership believes that working with our energy champions we can make a difference one house at a time. At our outreach events we find it very valuable to offer  free or low cost flu shots and community resources and not to focus just on energy. With these hard to reach communities residents are not able to have immediate access to all resources that are available to them. So the Partnership is able to bring these items right to their front door. 
This year alone we have added two additional events. In total we were able to have six outreach events. Those six events took place in Visalia, Farmersville, Home Garden, Hardwick, Monson-Sultana and Allensworth. As you can see our events take place all over our two county jurisdiction. I am sure that most people reading this post are not even aware of some of these smaller communities that exist in our Central Valley. 
With these events the Partnership had different means of outreach to households and offered different snacks and refreshment options to the attendees. But the one common thread in each of our outreach events was the involvement of the County Supervisors that represented the area of each event. Having the support of the board of supervisors in our areas means a lot. Knowing that we have someone on board with helping communities find energy savings  is great. We thank them and our energy champions for their support of the VIEW Partnership. We hope to add more community events next year so keep your eyes peeled to see if we will be in your area in 2016.