Statewide LG EE Best Practices: Weekly Update

1.    UCLA Launches the LA Energy Atlas
The Atlas features an interactive map that displays energy consumption across LA County by COG, City, and Neighborhood, strategies for energy conservation strategies and a range of state and local energy efficiency policies, incentives, and goals, and more!
2.    DOE and White House Office of Science and Technology Released Second Quadrennial Technology Review
The Review examines the most promising research, development, demonstration and deployment opportunities across energy technologies that can affect the future of energy efficiency. The review presents 4 trends: convergence (all sectors of economy becoming increasingly interdependent); diversification (state and local energy planning shifting energy sectors to diversified, distributed resources); confluence (computing power and simulation ushering a new era of "systems by design"); and efficiency everywhere (energy efficiency as a critical element in achieving energy security, cost, and environmental goals).
3.    Job Opportunity: Statewide Local Government Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator
The Coordinator facilitates a statewide focus both in gathering exemplary policies and practices, and tracking progress on a statewide level on government facility and community energy use, retrofits, and strategic plan metrics. Please contact Julia Kim at if you have any questions and we would appreciate your support in spreading this announcement through your networks!
4.    AB 802: Measuring Savings at the Meter
On the Governor's desk ready to sign, AB 802 (Williams) allows utilities to provide incentives to customers who improve their buildings up to the current building code and beyond. It also allows building owners and tenants to determine the most effective efficiency and renewable energy improvements through improved tracking and benchmarking of energy use.
5.    Energy Calendar
If you have any energy-related events you would like added to the calendar, please send details to

And that is all for this week!