What Has SJVCEO Been Up to in September?

The SJVCEO team is happy to officially be in the fall season and be done with the 100+ degree weather here in the valley. With entering into fall our team is also entering into our busy season. Both the VIEW Partnership and Municipal Energy Tune Up (METU) teams have been hard at work to complete projects before the end of the year. 
For the VIEW Partnership our team has been working away on the planning and logistics of the upcoming energy awareness month community events. This year the Partnership is expanding the number of events being held to 6! We are very excited to continue to grow our community outreach events and become more involved in our areas. This year the Partnership will be out in Home Garden, Hardwick, Farmersville, Monson-Sultana and Allensworth areas. If you happen to be in the areas listed come out and enjoy some fun with the family and learn how to save energy. Check out our community outreach calendar to see when these events will be taking place.
As for our METU team, sadly we have shrunk in size due to the loss of two of our Civic Spark members. The Civic Spark members finished their project term with SJVCEO in mid-September. We wish them much success as they continue on their career paths. When it comes to the work of METU several projects that we have assisted with have finally come to fruition and have secured energy savings and plenty of rebates to go along with it!
Four pumps were retrofitted in Kern County to make them more efficient, saving a total of over 215,000 kWh and netting a municipality a rebate check of over $27,000!  The incentives were provided by PG&E, through a third party program called the Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program (APEP), administered by CSU Fresno’s Center for Irrigation Technology.If you own a pump, and are planning on lowering your pump deeper into the ground, get a pump test first.  A simple $200 test (which can be completely subsidized by APEP) may be all it takes to help you offset the cost of lowering the pump with reduced operational costs.  And a pretty nice rebate check too.
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Check in next month to see what we were up to in October!