Statewide LG EE Best Practices: Weekly Update

Here are our WEEkly Updates:
  1. SB 350 and AB 802: Impacts and Implications for Local Governments (video)
    In case you missed the webinar last week with CEC Commissioners Hochschild and McAllister, here is the webinar recording.
  2. How Smart Meters are Changing Energy Efficiency in California
    New advanced metering infrastructure that can measure customer load with increased granularity has created opportunities for variable rate structures, effective demand response and increased customer control over their energy use. And now, with the ability to compare real-time usage to historical baselines, the industry can begin to more accurately value "efficiency as energy," and PG&E is working with NRDC and The Utility Reform Network to develop a pilot program that will do just that.
  3. U.S. Energy Storage Summit: The Energy Storage Future (video)
    This GTM Research presentation will share results from the most recent U.S. Energy Storage Monitor report and provide the platform for the summit's discussions on the future of the U.S. energy storage market.
  4. How Energy Efficiency Cuts Costs for a 2°C Future
    This report analyzes how energy efficiency policies and programs in Brazil, China, Europe, India, Mexico and the US can reduce the cost of economy-wide decarbonization y up to $250 billion per year for these regions, with no net cost to society through 2030. Related articles from this week: Why energy efficiency is the cheapest path to climate action and Energy efficiency is the largest contributor to reducing CO2 emissions.
  5. 5 Trends that Will Disrupt Energy Management in 2016
    BluePillar's new eBook, Facility of the Future Series: 5 Trends that Will Disrupt Energy Management in 2016, discusses the 5 trends that will disrupt energy management in 2016 and how you can take control of your facility's energy future.
  6. California and Germany, Opposites with a Common Energy Goal
    One is a European country known as "the powerhouse of Europe" that struggles against soggy winters and seemingly endless gray skies. The other is a digitally driven American state, known as "the Golden State," for its abundant sunshine and year-round growing season. One is determined to lead an energy transformation through carefully drafted laws and regulations; the other is driven by an inventive spirit of boundary-pushing and experimentation.
  7. 12/14 - Leveraging Benchmarking to Build Your Business
    This full-day workshop is targeted for businesses to learn strategies for generating leads; how to price benchmarking-related offerings; how to cross-sell and up-sell your other offerings; how to demonstrate the value of efficiency in terms that clients understand and value; and how to motivate the various stakeholders to act on energy efficiency measures.
  8. Energy Calendar
    If you have any events you would like to see added to this calendar, please send details to

And that is all for this week!