Statewide LG EE Best Practices: Weekly Update

Here are your wEEkly updates:
Currents Winter 2015 Issue
You don't want to miss the latest issue of Currents! Some notable articles and resources include: 
Save the Date! 1/15 - Launch of EE Coordinating Committee
A new regulatory advisory body is forming and may be a major force in shaping future CPUC programs and proceedings. The first public meeting to discuss the next steps regarding launching a stakeholder engagement process to vet the forthcoming Program Administrator EE business plans will be held on January 15th, from 10am-4:30pm at PG&E's Pacific Energy Center in SF. This event on the Energy Calendar will be updated with the dial-in info once it has been made available. If you have any questions, please reach out to Lara Ettenson at NRDC (
CPUC Ruling re: High Opportunity EE Programs

In addition to determining what "high opportunity programs or projects" are, and how to authorize them, this ruling addresses several ancillary issues relating to such programs or projects: 1. Preliminary interpretation of the phrase "estimated energy savings and energy usage reductions, taking into consideration the overall reduction in normalized metered energy consumption as a measure of energy savings;" 2. How to determine the cost-effectiveness of such programs and projects; 3. Customer incentive levels and timing; 4. How to evaluate, measure, and verify savings from such programs and projects ex post; 5. How to set shareholder incentives for such programs and projects.

Recap of EE in 2015 and Prospects for 2016
2015 was a good year for energy efficiency - 2016 could be even better. Check out this article on the many successes for EE this past year and what's ahead this year on a national level.
Enterprise Internet of Things: What Is It and How Will It Improve Energy Management

Those charged with a facility's energy management are beginning to hear the phrase "Internet of Things" (IoT) increasingly more often within the industry, and many are asking how to use the concept of the Enterprise IoT to leverage data in their buildings and find opportunities for improvement.

RFP: emPower Central Coast Energy Coach
The emPower Central Coast program of the Energy and Sustainability Division of the County of Santa Barbara request proposals from qualified professionals to serve by contract as "Energy Coach" primarily for the San Luis Obispo County area. The "Energy Coach" is a program offering aimed at providing greater assistance to homeowners and contractors participating in the emPower Central Coast EE program. Proposals must be submitted by 5:00pm on Monday, January 18, 2016.

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