What Has SJVCEO Been Up To In February

Over the past month the SJVCEO team seems to become busier and busier with the amount of energy projects that are making their way through the pipelines. But do not get us wrong we are not complaining we fully enjoy it!
With spring right around the corner the VIEW Partnership is trying out a new way of doing its community outreach events for its 2016. This year the partnership is planning on having outreach events out in Kettleman City as well as London. We are planning to have these events around the time of Earth Day in April. The partnership will also be attending the Visalia Earth Day Celebration on April 23rd make sure to check out details on it today. Outside of our outreach events we have been very busy with project administration and implementation. With the beginning of a new program cycle starting up projects are beginning to slowly role in. Also with the new program cycle there are a few changes in the direct install programs for the utilities. If you are unfamiliar with direct install let me diverge and touch upon the program for a moment. Direct install is where commercial businesses and or municipalities can have energy upgrades on certain measures outlined by each utility for either no-cost or low cost copay's. If you are interested in participating make sure you touch base with your respective utility. Once we have more information on the exciting numbers for projects starting in 2016 we will make sure to share them.
As for our MUNI program; it continues to take off like wildfire. Our team has been working away on continuing to benchmark cities within Fresno County. The City of Kingsburg is the latest city to have all of its municipal accounts benchmarked. With benchmarking complete the city was presented with the data and noticed that they have potential for lighting upgrades. The city is now planning to move forward with those lighting projects during 2016. We look forward to reporting more of the great work that is happening with the MUNI program. 
Within the HDR Partnership there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon. The cities and towns within the partnership are bringing in projects left and right! On top of that the group is preparing a community outreach push with SoCal Edison's direct install. A contractor partnering with Edison will be in the area during the months of May to August. Small and medium sized businesses within the area can take advantage of no cost or low cost energy improvements that will help them save. So if you reside within the high desert area make sure to keep your eyes peeled for mailers and chamber announcements with more information.

That is all for this months update! Keep your eyes peeled for next months update!