What Has SJVCEO Been Up to In January

As the SJVCEO team rings in the New Year our team is already making leaps and bounds. As we continue to make leaps and bounds our city and county partners reap the rewards. Many of our partners have moved up tier levels in the Edison Energy Leader Partnership (ELP) model and or have their first ever energy action plans. We here at SJVCEO call those large feats. In this months update you may also notice a new addition of our High Desert Regional (HDR) partnership updates. SJVCEO has been working with the greater high desert region since October, but we are just now digging in and have some exciting updates.
For the VIEW Partnership our team and partners have stayed very busy. Over the course of the last month our team has been able to get one of our partners, the City of Farmersville, to gold level within the Edison ELP model. We have also been working with the County of Kings on getting together an energy action plan and community outreach item completed to move up to the high ranking standards of gold. With the focus of the partnership being on energy savings we continue to work hand in hand with our partners on equipment upgrades. During the month of January our team worked with the City of Hanford to process rebates for their new plug load occupancy sensors. If you are not familiar with what plug load occupancy sensors are they are devices that turn off auxiliary devices in a cubicle, like monitors, cell phone chargers, and heaters when nobody is occupying the cubicle. The energy saved was about 10 California homes’ worth! 
As mentioned the new addition of the HDR Partnership has brought with it a lot of exciting work. Our team is working with the City of Adelanto, the Town of Apple Valley, the City of Barstow, the City of Hesperia and the City of Victorville. Many reading this post might not be familiar with the areas, but they are hidden gems within the California high desert. Our team has jumped right in and started work on energy action plans for all of the partners. With all of the work that our team is doing combined with the energy work of the partners there will be a lot of upward movement in the SCE ELP here very soon.
As for the METU program the savings just keep coming in. Our project analyst who is tasked with working with cities in the area has done a great job racking up the savings. His newest endeavor is working with the City of Kerman. To date he has benchmarked their accounts and will start diving into the data to see where the city has potential savings. 
We hope that you stay tuned for next months update, since we are sure that there will be much more exciting news to report!