Memorial Day Fun

With Memorial Day being next week we thought it might be a BRIGHT idea to talk about how you can save while celebrating! Also when I say save I am not speaking about saving on party supplies I am talking about energy savings. Many times when large holidays are being celebrated conservation ideas go right out of the window. We seem to focus on being a great host and covering all of the bases for the party. This year lets try to keep conservation top of mind starting with energy conservation.

This Memorial Day we will help you conserve energy with a few easy steps and tricks that take as little as a few minutes to do.

1.) Window Treatments

Many homeowners do not care for window treatments such as blinds because they impede the view of the outdoors. But having an exposed windows during the summer time can cause heat gain in your home. Having blinds lowered on a sunny summer day can reduce heat gain by over 45%. If you would prefer to not install blinds and already have drapes on your windows we can still help you save. If you close yours blinds on a window that is receiving direct sunlight you may be able to reduce heat gain by 33%.

2.) Set Your Thermostat

Many people are not made aware of the proper temperatures to keep their thermostats at to save the most energy and to stay comfortable. Let us help you with that. When you are home and occupying spaces try to keep your thermostat at 78 degrees or a little higher. When you are away bump up your thermostat that 85 degrees. These temperatures have been trusted numbers to go to for the most energy savings. If you don't want to think about lowering or raising your temperature you can try one of the many programmable thermostats that are on the market. With programmable thermostats  you can set it and forget it.  And if you are a techie you can also try one the smart learning thermostats which learns your schedule and sets the temperature that is optimal for each situation.

3.) Fire Up the Ceiling Fans

If you happen to be staying inside this holiday weekend give your air conditioner a break and kick on those ceiling fans. If you happen to have ceiling fans in your home you can turn them on and get away with raising your AC temperature by 4 degrees and not notice a difference. If you are looking to install a fan in your home make sure to look for the ENERGY STAR® label. Those with the label can move air 20% more efficiently than other models. Also, just as a friendly reminder make sure to turn off the fan once you leave the room.

4.) Fire Up the BBQ

With Memorial Day being the kick off to the summer; barbecuing season will be in full swing. Cooking outdoors can save you a bit on your home energy costs. First you are not consuming electricity or gas to cook your food items. Secondly you are not heating up your home and having your AC work double duty to cool. If you are able to cook outdoors during the summer season you will see a difference in your home energy bills.

5.) Enjoy the Outdoors

Go out and enjoy a day by the pool or the neighborhood block party. Having an extra day away from work  or school should be enjoyed with family and friends.

We hope that these tips and tricks help you with saving this Memorial Day. 
We wish everyone a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend.