Statewide LG EE Best Practices: Weekly Update

Here are your wEEkly updates:

1. Call for Posters: Today is the final day to submit an idea to showcase what happening in your city, county or COG at the SEEC Forum! Learn more and submit an idea here

2. EECC Update: The Public Sector Stage 2 meeting of the EE Coordinating Committee was held this week to review what problem statements and solutions Program Administrators are identifying as they plan energy efficiency programming that will be available to us all in 2017 and beyond. Some meeting highlights, links to presentations, and instructions on how to submit a comment, are here. Other meetings (including Workforce Education & Training, Industrial, Emerging Technologies, and Codes & Standards) also took place this week – you can find meeting presentations on the EECC website at Looking for background on the EECC process? Click here.

3. Federal Webinars: a list of energy-related webinars targeting state, local, and tribal governments (including financing for tribes, and EPA Portfolio Manager training's) released this week is available here. For more on available training, click here.

4. Berkeley’s New Resiliency Plan: This week the City of Berkeley’s Chief Resilience Officer shared with CityLab on the City’s new Resilience Strategy, of which energy and water savings and clean energy investments are key.

5. More on EE, Demand Response, and Resiliency: More coverage on California cities taking action on resiliency, and new resources for EE, demand response, and microgrids to support resiliency can be found here.

6. Valuing EE: Home Energy Score Resources: New resources are available to connect residents, local governments, and real estate, inspection, and other building professionals with the U.S. DOE Home Energy Score: click here to review. Looking for more on transparency, market drivers, and valuing EE? Click here.

7. Committing to the Plan: This week, the City of San Diego made its Climate Action Plan legally binding in a powerful bipartisan agreement.  The Plan is making headlines for its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2035. For EE strategies and more on what San Diego’s Mayor Faulconer is calling “common sense strategies” that save taxpayers’ money, click here.

8. Implementing the Plan: Moving from planning to implementation takes a group effort. San Diego is taking this a step further by looking for the best and brightest ideas for climate action plan implementation through a Smart City Hackathon.

9. Heat pump application review: As heat pump technology improves, ACEEE considers the changing value propositions and economics of deployment. Read more on ACEEE’s blog here.

10. One year later: The City of Los Angeles has released its first annual report on its Sustainable City Plan, highlighting expansions in solar, energy storage, and savings of 912 gigawatt-hours (GWh).  

11. High Opportunity Programs and Projects: Lots of developments in utility and CPUC planning for HOPPs this week. For SoCal Gas’s presentation on its multi-family offerings proposal, click here. For more on HOPPs, click here.

12. IEPR Update Update: I shared in a past Update the Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR) Update plans for this year; the CEC has released an update to that schedule, available here.

13. For Water: Better Infrastructure, Not More Infrastructure: For water and energy efficiency, the former CEO of El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board talks strategy and best practices – including deployment of smart water management software.

14. An innovative approach to small business EE: Retired engineers in Michigan are working together to connect small businesses with energy savings opportunities. Check out Midwest Energy News to learn more.

15. Energy Economics Training: Registration is open for a Executive-level crash course in the economics of energy and the environment at UC Berkeley’s Energy Institute at Haas: for more information click here.

16. The Latest on CPUC ZNE Action Planning: An interactive workshop will be held in San Francisco on May 12th to review the approach of developing Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Districts. Click here to learn more and to register.

17. More ZNE resources: The New Buildings Institute will be holding a ZNE policies webinar May 18th.

18. Sustainable Freight Planning: the state released a Sustainable Freight Plan this week in response to Governor Brown’s B-32-15 Executive Order. For more information click here.

19. More on Clean Vehicles: learn more about the opportunity for corporate leadership on clean vehicles in this Environmental Leader article.

20. Environmental Justice Public Meeting: the AB 32 Environmental Justice Advisory Committee (EJAC) will be meeting on May 10th next week: click here for more information.

21. EPIC Feedback: The CEC is seeking feedback on a draft solicitation targeting new energy technologies for industrial, agricultural, and water sectors under the EPIC Program. For more info, and a link to the EPIC Program’s recently-released Annual Report, click here.

22. CivicSpark Recruitment: The CivicSpark program is recruiting fellows, and will be hosting several informational webinars for fellows this May. Click here for more information and please share with your educational partners! (Information on how request a Fellow is available through the same link – scroll down.)

As always, you can keep track of relevant events by connecting to the EE Events Calendar, and find more resources being added daily on the EECoordinator website

That’s all for today!