What Has SJVCEO Been Up to in April

As we wave goodbye to April we  slowly embark into summer and those hot temperatures that are around the corner...which no one is looking forward to. With the beginning of summer and rising temps the SJVCEO team is blazing a trail into its energy saving goals for all three of its areas in 2016.

With the VIEW Partnership the SJVCEO team is working away on energy projects. With organizational change ups with the partnerships IOU partners projects are now beginning to trickle in. A few of the city and county partners in VIEW are taking advantage of the Savings by Design program that the state has to offer. The Savings by Design program was created for building owners to take a whole building or systems approach to energy savings. Instead of completing individual energy efficiency projects owners would take a look with the design team to see what systems or design tweaks the whole building can benefit from. This program is available to customers within California as it is funded by all six IOU's within the state. We are excited to see what savings and projects come out of the Savings by Design collaboration. The VIEW Partnership also was busy with the City of Visalia's Earth Day Event. The partnership always enjoys attending the event to spread the word of energy efficiency and conservation. This year's event was filled with plenty of sunshine and had a great turn out!

Now changing gears to SJVCEO's HDR Partnership. All of our energy partners in the high desert have been hard at work completing well and other large energy saving projects. With the partnership we are happy to now say we are out and about with the message of the energy partnership. Over the last month and a half we have met with most of the Chambers of Commerce in the high desert region and have been welcomed with open arms. We are happy to be sharing information and programs with the chambers in the area, since many of the businesses can benefit.

For our METU program that partners with PG&E we are happy to say that we are full steam ahead on benchmarking and projects. One of our staff members just completed a walk through energy assessment of five facilities within the City of Kingsburg. Our staff member is now crunching the numbers and information to give a full written report about potential projects and energy savings. We will keep you updated on what projects take place.

While we are not busy doing energy assessments and working on energy projects our team participates in a few different advisory councils and organizations. Just this last month one of our staff who works with the San Joaquin Valley Clean Energy Cluster helped with an annual clean energy summit. The summit was a real success and our staff was able to see the great energy work that is happening within the valley. Another one of our staff is working with the Clean Energy Financing Advisory Council. The objective of the council is bring information on new energy efficiency financing opportunities to California. In April the council held a webinar on financing energy storage as well as the CHEEF REEL (Residential Energy Efficiency Loan program) pilot roll-out with Valley Oak Credit Union. A lot of exciting things are happening in the valley as well as in the state so make sure you sty tuned to our blog for updates!

That is all for this month!