What Has SJVCEO Been Up To in May

First off we hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful Memorial Day. The SJVCEO team, like many, enjoyed an additional day off for the holiday before coming back to work full force on energy saving projects.

Over the last month the team and our energy champion partners have been working to finish up projects that have been in the pipeline as well as compiling lists of new projects that are being outlined in capital improvement project listings. During the summer months we use our time to start laying out plans of attack for new energy projects as well as using it as planning time for upcoming community outreach events.

For the VIEW Partnership many of our energy champion partners are busy working away on budgets for the their cities and counties. So during the summer we focus on back end planning. Our team works to make sure that all information is current and all projects numbers are correct. During this time we also like to touch base with our SCE cities/counties on how they are progressing towards their next level on the Energy Leader Partnership model. We want to make sure that we are informing the partners on what items ca be accomplished with the help of their Edison reps.

As mentioned before, during the summer months the partnership starts looking toward the fall community outreach events. A saying in our office is," it is never too early to start planning." We will be holding many of our events in late September into October. Make sure to stay up to date on events that are listed on the partnerships website. One of the exciting community pieces that the partnership is working on is with the City of Avenal. The partnership was given a mini grant from PG&E to work with one of our deserving cities on energy efficiency projects as well as community outreach. Discussions have just begun with the city so we will make sure to keep you posted as things develop.

With our HD Regional Partnership our partners are very excited about spreading the word on the Direct Install Program from Southern California Edison. The partnership will be presenting at two local chamber events in June regarding the program. Along with the promotion of Direct Install we are happy to announce that with the help of our energy champion partners the partnership has reached its energy saving goal for the year already!

For the METU Program our SJVCEO staff has begun to benchmark the City of Parlier as well as the City of Bakersfield. Once the city facilities are benchmarked our team will put together a readiness report of projects that have the most potential for savings. We look forward to sharing some of our success stories with everyone.

Some of our other items that been taking place over the last month are our staff participating in the Clean Energy Finance Advisory Council (CEFAC) coordination meetings as well as beginning to plan for a Central Valley September event. Our staff also attended a Onsite Greywater Recycling Workshop.

Stay Tuned For Next Month's Update!