What Has SJVCEO Been up to in November

We hope everyone had a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving holiday. Here at SJVCEO we were able to take a few days away from work to enjoy family and friends. Now that we are back to work we are wrapping up items for 2016 as well as beginning the planning process for 2017. 

The VIEW Partnership has wrapped up its last monthly meeting of the year. All of our partners have worked very hard to reach our energy saving goals for the year. The partnership is happy to say that two of our partners, the City of Hanford and Kings County, will be participating in Southern California Edison's Charge Ready Program. This program allows municipalities to partner with them on the instillation of electric vehicle stations on their property. Edison will install and maintain the supporting electrical infrastructure, the cost of which will be covered by the program, and the municipalities will own, operate and maintain qualified charging stations. The projects are just now going through proper channels for approval. The partnership hopes to document the progress of the projects and share that with the public once it completed. 
The partnership has been working  very closely with the City of Avenal over the last month. Our team previously benchmarked the city and has now identified 2-3 key sites that they will focus efforts on.  Staples Energy, who works with the partnership on direct install, is in the process of coordinating a site visit to assess for energy efficiency measures. Hopefully next month we have exciting news that projects are underway.

As for our HDR Partnership we have wrapped up another successful year. SJVCEO and all of the HDR partners are hard at work getting project pipelines together for 2017. A few of the partners are even looking into converting older high pressure sodium streetlights into either LED or a more efficient lighting system. We hope to get our hands on the savings numbers to show how much converting streetlights can save for municipalities. 

Our Municipal Energy Tune-Up program has been hard at work for the Month of November.  Project staff continue to work with the City of Taft as well as actively reaching out to Wasco, Shafter, and McFarland for participation.  Additionally, we are working with the Fresno EDC to outreach to cities in Fresno County. Our staff is continuing to benchmark for the County of Kern and has also earmarked additional sites so that they will be ready to go once additional project funding has been allotted.  The county is planning to make very aggressive efforts for projects over the next 12 months.

That's All For This Month!