Happy METU Monday!

Although we have been experiencing an abundance of rainfall, if you are native of the central valley you know summer is on its way! So right now is a great time to start thinking about your HVAC cooling systems and ensuring they are functioning efficiently. It is essential to implement cost-saving measures such as economizers and programmable thermostats. It is also important to service your units each season and replace them when necessary. If you are thinking of starting an energy saving project, make sure you contact us first!

What is METU? This fun acronym stands for Municipal Energy Tune Up. The program helps your local government identify and implement energy efficiency projects. By providing technical assistance and project management from “cradle to grave”, local governments no longer must worry about being too short-staffed to save energy, and save money.

METU in Action: We are very excited to announce the City of Firebaugh has completed benchmarking and is in the planning stage for starting some energy efficiency projects. There were promising opportunities identified in their METU Readiness Report for water pumping efficiency and now METU is working with the APEP program which is a PG&E third party program to see those projects through. The City of Taft is poised to get going as well. Once all automated benchmarking services are back up, Taft will be ready to hit the ground running toward energy savings.

We are excited to share our progress and hope the savings bug is contagious!

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