Happy METU Monday!

Are your municipal utility accounts benchmarked?
If you answered "no", then it is time to take the first step toward saving money!

Why benchmark?
Because you can't manage what you don't measure. 

  • Consolidates utility billing data
  • Tracks changes over time
  • Identifies where the money-saving opportunities are
Who has the time and/or staff to dedicate to benchmarking?
We do!  Let METU do the legwork for you.

What is METU?  This fun acronym stands for Municipal Energy Tune Up.  The program helps your local government identify and implement energy efficiency projects.  By providing technical assistance and project management from "cradle to grave", local governments no longer must worry about being too short-staffed to save energy, and save money.

METU in Action: We are continuing to steamroll ahead!  In addition to working with the cities of Firebaugh and Taft, the METU program has also started a benchmarking and account clean-up project for Kern county.  We are also excite to announce that the City of Arvin has taken the first step toward saving money by letting METU benchmark their infrastructure.  We are here to help find solutions for our local government partners by finding existing PG&E program that fit their needs or by overseeing the execution of original energy efficiency projects.

We are excited to share our progress and hope the savings bug is contagious!

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