Happy METU Monday!

Happy METU Monday!

Is your infrastructure in need of a tune-up?

If you answered yes to the above question, then let us remind you about the Municipal Energy Tune Up (METU) Program.

METU offers energy efficiency project assistance from “cradle to grave” to all central valley local governments.

·         Energy Benchmarking measures energy usage at each of your sites to identify opportunities for energy and money savings.

·         Readiness Reports to outline the steps needed to get the project done and information to get projects approved.

·         Advanced Project Assistance should your staff lack the time to manage the project to completion.

These services are made possible with funding from PG&E and completely free of charge to you. Don’t have the budget for energy efficiency projects? We can help with that too!

Look out for METU near you!

We are excited to be working with so many of our local government partners.  In addition to our work in the City of Avenal.  We have also completed benchmarking for the City of Arvin and will be completing a lighting upgrade project on 7 of Arvin’s municipal buildings.  The City of Corcoran is our newest addition for whom we are currently in the process of benchmarking.  METU recently went out on a water audit with the Lincus WISE program for the City of Corcoran.  We are on the move!

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