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CAISO Today's Outlook

A great new resource for local governments has launched! offers tools and resources to support local energy efficiency and renewable energy ordinances. The site will serve as a repository for tools and resources to support local energy efficiency and renewable energy ordinances. Key resources available on the site include cost-effectiveness studies, ordinance summaries for internal communications, model language, and document templates. More resources will be included in the future as the site continues to be updated.

Click here for information on this new valuable resource for local governments.

News and Opportunities

Energy Efficiency’s Existential Crisis Is Also an Opportunity
Matt Golden discusses the evolving role of energy efficiency as new measurement technologies are deployed and we continue to integrate. growing numbers of distributed resources.

ICLEI People's Delegation to COP23
As a follow up to the #WeAreStillIn campaign and in leadup to COP23 in Bonn November 6-17, ICLEI USA is in preparations to take a delegation of U.S. local leaders from our network joined by concerned citizens and members of the environmental justice communities.

Joint Agency Workshop on Senate Bill 350 Low-Income Barriers Study Implementation
The CEC and CPUC will jointly conduct a workshop to discuss implementation of the Low-Income Barriers Study for energy efficiency and renewables.

Per capita residential electricity sales in the U.S. have fallen since 2010
Energy efficiency improvements have contributed to long-term declines in residential energy usage for the nation.

Warren Buffett is building up a 'recession resistant' energy powerhouse
From California to the Midwest, billionaire investor Warren Buffett is steadily building an energy powerhouse.

Architecture Firms Fall Short of Energy Benchmarking Goals; Here’s Why
Although the portfolios of six participating firms did reach the 70% or higher average savings goal, the reason many firms fell short could be attributed to a lack of energy modeling.

Career Opportunities

Communications & Sustainability Management Analyst - Portola

Senior Energy Programs Coordinator Position - County of SLO

Energy Planner/Analyst - Humboldt State University

New Senior Manager, Communications  - Energy Foundation

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SEEC Calendar 
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10/15-10/18 Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference
A conference focused on understanding the behavior and decision-making of individuals and organizations and using that knowledge to accelerate our transition to an energy-efficient and low-carbon future.

Cary Garcia Jr.
Statewide Local Government Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator