My New Years Resolution

I rarely make New Years resolutions because I can rarely keep them. Terrible, I know. However, I have vowed to turn a new leaf in 2019. While these resolutions may not be particularly lofty, they are ones I know I can keep and they are environmentally friendly to boot!

1. Stop using plastic produce bags. I have used cloth shopping bags for years now, but I still use the thin plastic bags in the produce section to wrap up items like cilantro, mushrooms, or lettuce. I used to have access to soft plastics recycling, but I no longer do, so I figured it was about time to buy reusable and washable produce sachets. I’ve been forgetting to bring them to the store since I purchased them three months ago, but no more! Completely plastic-free grocery shopping here I come.


2. Go TV-free one night a week. I really enjoy relaxing and winding down at night by watching a show or two before bed. Of course, this means I read less and waste more energy. While a TV is far from the highest energy hog in a home, turning it off will always help. I’ll be able to put a few extra dollars a month into my rainy day fund.

3. Cook in batches more. I love to cook and cook from scratch for my family at least 4 and up to 6 nights a week. Usually, I make enough for everyone to get two meals (one dinner and one lunch); it’s rare that there is much left over beyond that.

However, it is much more efficient to cook large batches of soup and stews, sauces, or even a chicken pot pie, freeze and reheat than it is to cook all of those things in small quantities from scratch several times within a month or two.

What are your green new years resolutions for 2019?