Renewable Energy 101

We hear so many people express interest in renewable energy, but they also share with us that they don’t know much about renewable energy or which types are best for their homes.

So how do you get started?

Lucky for all of us, Solar Energy International offers a free Renewable Energy 100 Course that will answer some of your most pressing questions including, but not limited to:

* What is renewable energy?


* How do I prepare my home for renewable energy?

* What are the different types of renewable energy?

* How do I decide which type is best for me?

The full course is several hours long, but you can pick and choose to watch the topics that interest you most.

Since this course is meant for an international audience, details about incentives and rebates, electricity rates for generation, and other region-specific information will not be approached. But, do not fret! All of the major utilities in California have plenty of resources and information about how to integrate renewable energy into your home and lifestyle. You can find some generation and renewable energy resources here for PG&E, Southern California Edison, SoCal Gas, and SDG&E.

What types of renewable energy excite you the most? What types of resources would you like to see?