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September 30, 2019
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Why traditional energy efficiency remains essential
CSE -  A practice that has been relatively stable, conceptually simple and, to some, downright boring for decades—energy efficiency—is rapidly experiencing significant changes within California’s evolving energy landscape. However reducing energy usage is expected to continue to be a key strategy in decarbonizing the built environment.

Halfway there: Energy efficiency can cut energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050
ACEEE - To avoid a climate change catastrophe, long-term strategies have called for reducing total US greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80–100% by 2050. How much of the needed reductions can we achieve through energy efficiency? This latest report looks more closely at US opportunities and policies that could reap the needed savings.

 Restaurants set table for induction cookware to increase efficiency, reduce costs
SCE - With an increase in interest in induction cooking among its customers, SCE is rolling out a new induction equipment lending program. In addition to the energy savings, induction cookware offers precise temperatures and is quick to heat, yet cool to the touch.

It's 2050 and this is how we stopped climate change
NPR - We're unleashing our imagination and exploring a dream, a possible future in which we're bringing global warming to a halt. It's a world in which greenhouse emissions have ended. Each story has two sections, the first reflecting the present and the second imagining the world of 2050.

 Survey Request: Local Public Agency Climate Capacity Survey
LGC - Local governments are invited to participate in a study of local agencies’ climate action capacity. This study will assist the Local Government Commission (LGC) to better understand how climate programs and projects might be helping to build public agency capacities in various ways and what kind of capacity building goals public agencies might have for their work moving forward.

Top Resources

  1. California Building Energy Benchmarking Public Disclosure Dashboard (CEC)

  2. The Age of the Smart Home Guide (AM Conservation Group)

  3. Public Health Benefits per kWh of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the United States: A Technical Report (US EPA)

  4. Statewide Energy Efficiency Forum Presentations (SEEC)

  5. An Incandescent Truth: Disparities in Energy-Efficient Lighting Availability and Prices in an Urban U.S. County (Applied Energy)

  6. Energy Efficiency Funding Opportunities (SEEC)

  7. Through the Local Government Lens: Developing the Energy Efficiency Workforce (ACEEE)

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