Technology Tuesday

Wish that you could somehow shift most of your cooling energy load to off-peak hours?

Time-of-use rate changes are coming soon and the hottest part of the day (4 pm – 6 pm) will become the most expensive time to use your air conditioner.

It may be time to consider an ice storage air conditioner.

Ice Storage Air Conditioner is also sometimes called a Thermal Energy Storage System. These air conditioners achieve high energy savings over a traditional air conditioner because its primary equipment operation occurs during the evening when electricity rates are the lowest. The Ice Storage Air Conditioner works overnight to generate ice. During the day, it uses that ice to cool down your building.

These air conditioners are particularly useful in the hot climates of the Central Valley where outside temperatures exceed 100°F for multiple days at a time. Additionally, some models are equipped with a smart option which will allow the user to control/adjust the unit remotely and respond to demand-response events.

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