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June 03, 2019
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Portland’s cutting-edge tool for home buyers gains momentum in other US cities

ACEEE - Ever wonder how much a home’s utility bills will cost before you buy it? Portland, Oregon, has a cutting-edge policy that gives home buyers such information, enabling them to consider energy efficiency when buying a home, just as many consumers do when shopping for a car. Other cities are looking at similar programs.

CEC promotes “Skinny” triple glazed windows as solution to Title 24’s challenge
AAMAThe California Energy Commission (CEC) is seeking to improve energy efficiency through alternate products, such as the Thin Triple window. During the architectural manufacturers region summit, Payam Bozorchami with the CEC discussed an important element of the 2019 California Energy Standard - the energy design rating (EDR) metric.

 Are builders ready for California's switch to net zero?
Builder - Starting in 2020, houses in CA will be required to meet a Zero Net Energy standard. Builders who are ahead of the curve are focused on a “reduce before you produce" EE-focused approach to meet the net zero challenge.

Schedule announced for 2019 SEEC Forum 
SEEC - The two-day schedule of sessions for the upcoming SEEC Forum (6/26-6/27) is now available. To assist attendees in deciding which breakout sessions to attend, a SEEC Forum Webinar: Lightning Round Session Trailers with be held on 6/18.


2019 SEEC Forum Reminders

Book your stay in Long Beach
Group rates to stay at the Forum venue - The Westin Long Beach, end on June 4th! Make sure to secure your overnight stay for the 10th Annual SEECForum by booking your room before the deal ends.

Sign up for Mentorship Program
If you haven't already, consider applying for the first ever SEEC Forum Mentorship Program!

 Become a Forum Sponsor
In an effort to diversify funding, the SEEC Forum is seeking event sponsors for the first time. Sponsoring the SEEC Forum highlights your organization's commitment to energy efficiency, and increases the impact of this important event attended by over 300 California local government representatives and other energy efficiency champions. 

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