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August 19, 2019
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UCLA’s Energy Atlas expands to provide data for most of Southern California
UCLAUCLA announced the release of Energy Atlas 2.0 — a free online tool that combines energy use data with information about building size, age and type, location, demographics and more into an interactive map. The Atlas enables local governments to develop energy efficiency plans that more precisely target where improvements can do the most good.

New CA lawn sprinkler standards = huge water & energy savings
NRDC - California officials adopted one of the most important and consequential water-saving measures ever implemented by any state, establishing an efficiency standard for new spray sprinklers that will reduce irrigation system misting and overspray that is common around urban landscapes. It’s a huge step given that nearly half of all of California’s drinking water is used outdoors, primarily for landscape irrigation.

 Technical report: Public health benefits per kWh of energy efficiency and renewable energy in the U.S.
US EPA - EPA has developed a set of values that help state and local government policymakers and other stakeholders estimate the monetized public health benefits of investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy using methods consistent with those EPA uses for health benefits analyses at the federal level.

How much CO2 is embedded in a product?
RMI - What’s the direct consequence for your electric vehicle? The truth is that the accumulated carbon footprint of materials in a newly bought gasoline-fueled car is the same order of magnitude as the footprint of its lifetime fuel consumption—so by buying an electric vehicle and securing green electricity, you are only part of the way through abating your car’s total carbon footprint. 


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