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September 03, 2019
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Why is energy savings contribution instead of attribution important for NMEC programs?
kW EngineeringIf we expect the market to respond positively to pay-for-performance cost structures, such as normalized metered energy consumption (aka NMEC), we need program rules that incent the right behavior, and credit real savings. As an industry, we need to advocate for realistic custom review policies that focus on contribution – achieving savings, rather that the attribution of every kWh.

2020 looks like the breakout year for building decarbonization in California. Is the market ready?
GTM -  Buildings account for about a quarter of California’s greenhouse gas emissions, so concerted efforts will be needed to squeeze carbon out of this sector to meet the State's carbon neutrality goals. State policymakers are increasingly coalescing around a solution: electrification. 

Webinar: Local Energy Codes: Tools for Reaching Your Climate Action Goals
LGC - A repeat performance of one of the highest rated breakout sessions at this year's Statewide EE Forum will be offered on reach codes (local energy ordinances). This webinar on Sept. 16th will discuss local goals that can be addressed with reach codes, and will provide an overview of various reach code strategies and options for local governments.

Why your brain can’t process climate change
Times - Despite the bad news rising with the mercury, on the whole the world is doing little to slow the pace of climate change, with carbon dioxide emissions reaching an all-time high in 2018. We know—at least those of us not in the grips of outright climate denial—how bad it is. But we can’t seem to act to save the future.


Top Resources

  1. Public Health Benefits per kWh of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the United States: A Technical Report (US EPA)

  2. The Age of the Smart Home Guide (AM Conservation Group)

  3. Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification for EE Policies and Initiatives (US EPA)

  4. Statewide Energy Efficiency Forum Presentations (SEEC)

  5. An Incandescent Truth: Disparities in Energy-Efficient Lighting Availability and Prices in an Urban U.S. County (Applied Energy)

  6. Energy Efficiency Funding Opportunities (SEEC)

  7. Through the Local Government Lens: Developing the Energy Efficiency Workforce (ACEEE)


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