Alliance Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy

Commission Unveils Plan to Double U.S. Energy Productivity

Last year the nonprofit Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) formed a coalition of energy experts. Now they have unveiled a set of recommendations designed to double U.S. energy productivity by 2030. The ASE's commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy called for expanding the U.S. energy economy through:
  • investments, 
  • modernization, and 
  • education. 
These efforts will target the entire energy structure, including:
  • buildings, 
  • transportation,
  •  manufacturing, 
  • power generation and 
  • natural gas infrastructure.
The Energy 2030 plan maximizes energy productivity by expanding financing opportunities, reforming taxes and regulations, spurring innovation, strengthening standards, and building consumer awareness. The commission also anticipates that the plan will help the United States establish global leadership in energy efficiency. 

If adopted, the plan could help the United States: 
  • add 1.3 million jobs; 
  • cut average household energy costs; 
  • save U.S. businesses $169 billion a year; 
  • increase the gross domestic product by up to 2%; 
  • decrease energy imports by more than $100 billion a year; and 
  • reduce carbon dioxide emissions by one-third.
The Alliance Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy will collaborate with its 13 Honorary Congressional Vice Chairs to develop legislative proposals at the national level. The Commission was formed in 2012 by ASE, a nonprofit organization that promotes energy efficiency worldwide through research, education, and advocacy. 

See the ASE press release and the full reportPDF.

Photo Credit: Craig Miller Productions