Happy METU Monday!

For this weeks METU Monday, we want to share some questions we commonly hear from our partners:

Why should I install LEDs if I get rebates on CFLs?
CFLs are a great cost-saving measure especially when replacing incandescent lamps.  However, manufacturers and building codes are increasingly moving toward LED technology.  If feasible, implementing LED technology now will save you from potentially having to upgrade again in the near future.

We have upgraded all of the lighting so there's no more savings to be achieved, right?
WRONG! This is a great start.  However, did you know the highest utility expense for most local governments is not generated in buildings but in water and waste management infrastructure?  This means pump efficiency is crucial.

We can help!
Before starting your energy project, call us! We will ensure you can take advantage of any available opportunities to save money.

What is METU?
METU is our nickname for the Municipal Energy Tune Up Program which helps your local government identify and implement energy efficiency projects.  Let's face it, project management can be as difficult as herding cats.  Why not lean on us to provide technical assistance to see your projects through from "cradle to grave".

Look out for METU near you!
We are excited to be working with so many of our local government partners.  We have begin coordinating projects for the City of Avenal and benchmarking with the City of Arvin and Kern County. Finding solutions for our local government partners is our primary focus.

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