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Statewide LG EE Best Practices: Weekly Update

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CAISO Today's Outlook

EDAC Conference Call - Monday, June 19th 3:00-4:30PM
The Energy Data Access Committee (EDAC) will hold a conference call on Monday, June 19th to discuss the topic of data privacy rules for local governments. This meeting is public, and there will be time on the agenda for public questions and comment.

LG Request: Sample RFPs for Energy Storage Projects
The Coordinator has received a request from a local government interested in example RFPs that are focused on or include energy storage.

Reminder: Methodologies for SB 350 Energy Efficiency Target Setting - Monday, June 19th 10:00AM
SB 350 requires that the Energy Commission adopt targets by November 2017 that achieve a statewide cumulative doubling of energy efficiency savings in gas and electric final end-uses by 2030.

Career Opportunities

Senior Energy Programs Coordinator Position - County of SLO

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SEEC Calendar 
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6/20 - Webinar: Achieving ZNE Goals with Energy Storage
The Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) invites city officials, contractors, and commercial building owners to attend a free webinar on the benefits of on-site energy storage technologies and its impact on zero net energy (ZNE) goals.

6/21 - SEEC Webinar: Creating a Carbon Fund
The webinar will include details on how to set up a Carbon Fund including the steps to do so and typical challenges to implementation.

6/21 - Pathway to 2050
Advanced Energy Economy's annual California energy policy event brings together an influential group of advanced energy business leaders and state policy-makers to discuss opportunities to accelerate California's economy through the growth of advanced energy.

6/27 - BayREN Forum: Local Model Solar Ordinance
The forum will provide local government staff, building professionals, and solar industry representatives an opportunity to surface concerns and challenges regarding the Energy Commission's Model Solar Ordinance and local adoption process.

7/28-7/29 - Zero Carbon Zero Net Energy Redwood Retreat
Join Industry Leaders As they present case studies and technical deep dives on ZNE and Zero Carbon strategies.

10/15-10/18 Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference
A conference focused on understanding the behavior and decision-making of individuals and organizations and using that knowledge to accelerate our transition to an energy-efficient and low-carbon future.

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Cary Garcia Jr.
Statewide Local Government Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator