City of Taft

Happy METU Monday!

Happy METU Monday!

What are your barriers to completing energy efficiency projects?
There is no question the barriers exist and they can be very different for each of our municipal partners:

-          How to decide where to begin
-          There is not enough staff support
-          There’s too many details to keep track of
-          There is no budget for these projects
-          How to make sure the project gets completed

If you can relate to any, or all the above, we can help!  METU was designed, specifically, to remove barriers to help you save money on energy.  Let us be a resource to help you reach your energy and money saving goals.

Remove barriers, save money, repeat.  It’s that simple!

Look out for METU near you!
METU continues moving along with projects around the valley.  We are excited to be able to help so many of our local government partners and we can’t wait to expand further.  METU is currently in Avenal, Corcoran, Arvin and Taft.  We also continue to provide benchmarking support to the County of Kern.

Connect with us:
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