Heavy Diesel Trucks

FUNDING OPEN NOW: Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program

Proposition 1B Funding OPEN NOW Until July 28!
Valley Air District Accepting Applications to Replace Class 5-8 Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks or Engines

The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) is accepting applications until July 28 for the Proposition 1B: Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program. About $15 million is available for heavy-duty diesel truck replacement projects in this round of funding. These incentives are intended to quickly reduce air pollution emissions and health risks from heavy-duty diesel trucks moving freight along California's trade corridors.

Financial incentives will be provided to owners of equipment used in freight movement to upgrade to cleaner technologies through truck replacement or engine replacement. Note that this is a replacement program and does not fund new additional truck purchases.The existing truck or engine must be scrapped or surrendered in accordance with program guidelines. This also is not a rebate program. Trucks funded by this program can only be purchased after a contract is signed and executed between the equipment owner and the SJVAPCD.

Heavy-duty diesel trucks used to move goods (a majority of the time) for the past two years, with an original manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 16,001 lbs. or greater (Class 5-8) are eligible for the program. Eligible trucks also must currently be registered in California and present evidence of California registration for the past two years. In addition, trucks must have operated at least 75 percent of the time in California and 10 percent within the SJVAPCD boundaries. Annual vehicle miles traveled requirements must be met as well (at least 20,000 miles annually for Class 7 and 8 and at least 10,000 miles annually for Class 5 and 6 trucks).

The District may provide direct assistance for applicants at its offices, but no further information or schedule is available at this time. For full application guidelines, visit the Prop 1B page on the SJVAPCD website or call the District's Heavy-Duty Engine Program at (599) 230-5800 and ask to speak to someone about Prop 1B funding.