What Has SJVCEO Been Up To in March

Spring has sprung here at SJVCEO and we seem to have become busier than the Easter Bunny on Easter. We continue to hop from one opportunity to the next with all our ventures. We are excited to see how the year progresses with energy savings as well as other opportunities. 
First we will start with a few exciting items that are happening within SJVCEO that do not directly involve our partnerships. The first and very exciting item was SJVCEO was awarded a grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) for Biodico Zero Net Energy Farm. The grant will pilot innovative planning, permitting and financing approaches to improve the business case for Advanced Energy Communities (AEC) using Net Energy Meter Aggregation (NEMA) to achieve Zero Net Energy Farms (ZNEF). Our wonderful team member, Sarah Farell, put in a lot of time and effort into completing the grant application, congratulations Sarah! We look forward to updating you on the progress of the grant. Another one of SJVCEO's team members, Jarred Olsen, is working with the Center for Sustainable Energy on their Clean Energy Financing Advisory Council. The council will be having upcoming training's and webinar's that are available to the public on clean energy financing options as well as pilot programs. If you are interested in learning how to finance energy storage then the upcoming training on April 12th is just for you! 
As for the VIEW partnership our team and energy partners have been working away on collecting energy savings. Many partners are lining up projects for the coming months with both PG&E and SoCal Edison. SJVCEO's project analyst finalized incentive paperwork for both the City Hanford as well as the City of Lindsay. We are now just awaiting approval and then both cities be receiving that exciting incentive check! Also, in the last VIEW partners meeting there was some discussion over what is covered for incentive for IOU's. Here at SJVCEO we are here to help guide you through that type of information. Please feel free to contact one of our staff if you have any questions. We have included a few tidbits of incentives information for those SoCal Edison cities who may be interested.  If you have diesel-powered generators at any site and are interested in reducing your generators stand by energy consumption, and If you have an open floorplan building that is 10,000 square feet or larger (eg: warehouses, offices with perimeter open work areas), contact Jarred Olsen at (559) 490-1810 or for more information.
With the HD Regional Partnership we are proud to announce that we have launched our website, We hope the website captures the true beauty of the high desert of California. On the website we have information regarding the partner cities/towns as well as how homeowners, renters and businesses can save energy and money. We hope that the website becomes a useful tool for those that live in the area. The partnership is also spreading the word of the upcoming direct install program through SoCal Edison. We will be stopping into the local chambers and organizations with information on how businesses can sign up for the program.
And last but not least we have the METU program that has continued to have much success in the Fresno County region. Our project analyst will be meeting with the City of Kingsburg again to complete a walk through audit of five city owned buildings to see what potential savings may be hiding. We hope that we will have a few success stories out of the walk through audit. We will make sure to share those with you as well.

That's all for this month. Make sure to stay tuned for our April update!