environmental rap

Mr. Eco releases new green video

Mr. Eco, aka Brett Edwards, continues to fight the good fight, and he don't need no stinkin' badges.

The environmental rap superhero, who fights for clean energy while in tune and on key, debuts "Saves So Hard" at the 2012 Red Brick Dorm Energy Competition held by Cal Poly's Green Campus Program. Mr. Eco describes it this way: "Over a four-week period, the students from the six red brick residence halls saved over 25,000 pounds of CO2. That's equivalent to three t-rex skeletons worth of fossil fuels!! JK."

The world may never know.

The winning dorm, Trinity, was featured in this music video and also received a polar bear donation in their name to the World Wildlife Fund!

P.S. You don't have to be a resident in a dorm at Cal Poly to "Save So Hard." Do it wherever you are!! Deuces:)

The last two graphs are all Mr. Eco. So far, we've kept up with his video releases. It's all about getting hits, so please share this link.