Mr. Eco seeks to launch spring school tour

Mr. Eco, a Cal Poly student from Fresno, Calif. trying to raise green awareness, is going on a middle/elementary school tour this spring and is looking for a little financial assistance.

His tour is to span five school districts with the potential of reaching "THOUSANDS of kids with a potential of over 20 school visits this Spring," he says.

"Some schools say that they are willing to pay for my performances, but I would like to complete this tour with no cost to the schools," Mr. Eco says.

His project has been posted on, a funding platform made especially for creative projects.

Those who pledge can receive items such as a signed copy of the parody album, "Get Green Or Die Trying," Mr. Eco reusable bags, Mr. Eco shirts, a DVD of Mr. Eco's videos, items from his original costume, "a personal rap made just for you" or even a performance at the site of the donor's choosing.

"I think what Mr. Eco is doing is brilliant - making all this environment awareness fun and educational," says Shannon Bryan-Ruggiero at Creston Elementary School in San Luis Obispo County, in a testimonial supplied by Mr. Eco. "In a time of a LOT of unhealthy influences on kids (and people as a whole for that matter in the media, etc) his message, his humor, his info, the whole thing, is so positive and so needed in today's world, and especially for today's youth."

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