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Happy METU Monday!

Let's talk about water!
We received great news from California Governor Jerry Brown on Friday.  The drought is officially over for most of California except for Fresno, Tulare, Kings, and Tuolumne counties.  It seems we are near the end of this state of emergency, but it is important to recognize that conserving water saves energy.  Please be encouraged to continue implementing good water conservation practices.

Speaking of water, when was your last municipal pump test?
If you can't answer that question, it has probably been too long!  There is a significant cost savings in testing pumps for efficiency and implementing variable frequency drives (VFDs) to ensure you are not pumping when you don't need to be.  Plus, pump tests can be incentivized by your electric utility provider.

Don't know where to start?
Call us! We would be happy to get you started with water or waste water treatment experts through any one of the following programs and assist you through the process:

- Water Infrastructure System Efficiency (WISE)
- California Wastewater Process Optimization (CalPOP)
- Advanced Pumping Efficiency (APEP)

Look out for METU near you!
We are excited to be working with so many of our local government partners.  In addition to our work in the City of Avenal, we have also completed benchmarking for the City of Arvin and will move on to the project planning phase soon.  The City of Corcoran is the newest addition to the list of cities for whom we are benchmarking.

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